Payment methods

Personal checks, money orders, and cash payments are not acceptable forms of payment at the Jimmy Store. We may require credit cards and debit cards to be issued by an institution in the jurisdiction in which you are located, and those forms of payment must be linked to a billing address in the same jurisdiction. For most jurisdictions, you must ensure that the billing address associated with the credit- or debit-card issuing bank is the same billing address that you enter when ordering. Jimmy John's reserves the right to supplement the list of acceptable forms of payment at the Jimmy Store.


Because Jimmy John's Franchisor SPV, LLC does not charge for items until they ship, we may use a pre-authorization process to reserve your products for shipment. In order to avoid unnecessary overdraft charges, a method called a "pre-authorization" is often used by banks to verify that the credit/debit card in use is valid and has sufficient funds. Most authorizations expire within five to seven days, but the issuing bank ultimately determines the length of the authorization. The final credit- or debit-card charge will only reflect the value of your shipped merchandise plus applicable shipping and taxes.


If you are experiencing problems with payment, please contact our customer service line at 866.276.6302, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.