Stripe Sleeve Jacket

Article number: JACKET-02-2X
Availability: In stock
- Old school Apex Jacket
- Black long sleeve with red and white stripes on sleeves 
- Zippered pockets 
- Front: Jimmy John's Embroidered Disc Logo
- Back: Jimmy John's Embroidered Disc Logo


Store Approved 

| Greg richards 22-10-2020 01:35

I work for Jimmy johns in Addison Texas and ordered this jacket and it's all that. Love it. Now just needing some cold weather so I can wear it. If you're thinking about buying it don't think any longer get it before you can't.

| Scott Spiegel 13-10-2020 04:56

I just ordered this 3XL JIMMY JOHN’S JACKET AND I’m EXCITED TO WEAR IT EVERYWHERE INCLUDING TO & FROM WORK. I work for Jimmy John’s and that’s I purchased it because I like Jimmy John’s a lot.

5 stars based on 2 reviews